Let me introduce our airsoft group first.

13:00. AGM Full Metal WWII MkII Sten British 9mm Full Auto Airsoft AEG Submachine Gun View.


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Not all MilSim organizations have their own airsoft facilities, and vice versa. . .

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. Not all MilSim organizations have their own airsoft facilities, and vice versa. [Mod Approved] I'm Nicholas Martin, I've spent the last two years fighting to save Airsoft from being banned in Canada.

1:00 PM. 670.


Ask me anything.

MARS hosts multi day Full Immersion Historical MilSim events using Airsoft replicas. .

A lot of players are also re-enactors but there is no pressure to have perfect kit. The G&G GMG-42 is an airsoft replica of the MG42.



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Is it possible to have World War II-themed Milsim game? It is possible as long as all players get the proper World War II gear which can be found at militaria sites and reenactors'. Page 2 | I'm missing my Milsim and have been thinking that a WW2 Milsim event would kill two birds with one BB - scratch my Milsim itch and get me out. Sep 26, 2020 · Military simulation events aren’t new, though they have evolved over the past several decades.

Equipment. 12:00 PM. com/products/the-bb-warrior-support-patch-subduedLike the video? Su. Oct 14, 2017 · The BB Warrior posts a video about news of a World War II Milsim event that will take place in December. . Zak, 2nd Bat, Nimlas, schmitty, gunfreak, Guinness, CharleyNovember, Adler69, hellmutt.

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The group is fairly balanced between the allied and axis sides with 80 players in total. .



HFC German WW1/WW2 pistol.

MilSim, an abbreviation of military simulation, refers to live-acted simulation of armed conflict scenarios conducted by civilians for entertainment, sporting, or nostalgic.

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